Thursday, March 9, 2017

Welcome Baby S!

This is a newborn session with a personal touch. I was excited when Kira and Lorenzo asked me to photograph their expectant child as I know the family. I like to think I bring TLC to every newborn session but with these awesome people, it was already built in!

It's so exciting to get the news that the baby boy is here so I can start prepping for the session that happens shortly after (in this case 8 days)....ensuring all the blankets, wraps and props are ready to be brought over, not to mention that all my equipment is ready. Then the fun begins.

This first shot was taken before the baby was officially "ready" but I am always at the ready to capture a sweet moment like this. I like to add a touch of artistic flare in between the images that we are posing.
And here he is. already smiling for the camera. I like how this image's main focus is on the baby but mom's presence is strong without overpowering the visual.
 Images of teeny fingers and toes are a must.

A little the perfect natural light provided by a nearby window.
Time for a silhouette with mom. Intentionally dark to show the sweet lines of baby's closed eyes, soft mouth, nose, chin... with just enough light on mom to show her joy.
 I love to photograph over parent's shoulders like this. It literally gives you the parent's perspective.
A sweet image, even though baby is a little squished lol. I love the sweet smile on mommy's face....she probably doesn't even realize how often she is smiling at her son.
 Once Baby S was peacefully snoozing, we got to have fun with this adorable cap and textured blanket.
 I snapped this while Kira was gently positioning him to be more comfortable. For so many reasons, I think this is my favorite of the day. Mommy's wide, natural grin conveys so much love. Sweet baby sleeping so peacefully. Let's not forget you can really see how teeny he is next to mom here.
 A three quarter shot....once babe is sleeping, I click away.
 Some of my faves are the super close up images. I never ever tire of a baby's amazingly perfect little parts, so let's have a really good look at them before they change (in days, literally).
 A slightly different position, with legs underneath and the cap draped across his body. (I might have to get this hat in multiple colors!)
 A simple change of angle and a different lens showcase his size differently.
 I love incorporating weddings rings into newborn shots. (Something dad probably wasn't thinking about when he was thinking of popping the question.) Symbolic and special.
 I. Just. Want. To. Eat. Him!!
 Sleepy time was over but we were able to do some more "stylized" shots....I am actually glad his eyes were open because they are just awesome. So much depth already.
 There is a short window of time in life when you can fit into a basket, so you just have to do it. I love this hand woven wool braid...a simple yet striking texture.
 I squeezed in another combination here....the blue/grey colors with the textured fur in this itty bitty crib is so sweet. And we intentionally opted for no head covering in these past two shots to show off baby's full head of hair.
 This shot never gets old (in my opinion anyway).
 Enter Dad Lorenzo, holding his little boy in another image that expresses his tiny size.
 The image that conveys a father's love and protection.
 Joy. And that little head!
 Mom and dad form a little window for baby's image.
 A trio silhouette - another favorite of the day as you don't have to see the smiles perfectly, but you can feel them perfectly fine.
 Traditional, looking at the camera to provide a balanced collection of photos.
 A low angle to add some drama. Baby is perfectly lit by the window.
 Another parent perspective shot.
 Lorenzo naturally held his baby one handed this way and I LOVED it. Great pose.
Photos like this make me smile as I envision baby as an older child seeing this and knowing how loved he was from the very beginning.
Stay tuned for more from this lovely family with shots from the whole family! 

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Lucky Leah

I had the pleasure of photographing newborn Leah and her awesome family. She is only 11 days old in these images and I am so glad to have captured this special time in her and her family's life.

As peaceful as ever, Leah was a joy to photograph.
 I like the shadowing effect in this image....makes it super cozy.
 While baby is sleeping, I photograph around her at various angles and with various lenses. I like this angle in particular because it is shot as if the viewer is laying right next to her.
 New position and she's wide awake...cute as ever.

Dare you not to smile at this one.
Looking right at you...don't you feel like your head is right there on that warm blanket?
 As I prepped big brother Owen on my posing pillow, I had to capture this shot.
 The first of many times looking up to big brother.
 Such a genuine smile (and genuine yawn).
 All smiles so I kept on clicking.
 I love this angle for so many I mostly enjoy the size contrast between the two of them.
 A butterfly kiss for little sis.
 Traditional and sweet.
 LOVE this one - his expression is perfect and she is so cozy.
 While Leah was being fed, Owen got his own little mini session.
 He loved showing me his dinosaurs....and I loved that he was showing them to me in the best light!
 Environmental portraits are a great in his room, he is just being himself.
 A sweet happy family.
 Here's that angle again...I like how the focus is on the baby yet Mom and Dad's nurturing is a strong presence.
 When baby Leah grows up, she will really enjoy the look on her mom's face in this photo.
 Grandma was on hand to help out and I asked her to pop in here. Three generations of women - just awesome.
 Shooting wide by a window brings a nice soft mood to an image.
 Content in mommy's arms....and notice the pretty fall colors in the background.
 Enter dad for a family shot I always enjoy shooting.
 Very safe in Daddy's arms....but holding on just in case.
 Such a sweet Dad.
 This is fun to show how teeny Leah is in Dad's hands.
 We glammed her up a bit here but careful not to overdo it. Such a sweet setting.
 Leah was soothed by a soft sound her dad was making here....eyes fixed on him the whole time.
 Leah was a rock star when it came to this shot - babies often wiggle but she was perfectly still.
 Love this shot. Again, the focus is on Leah but mom and dad have a a strong presence. I also like the symmetrical composition.
 Last but not least, a peaceful silhouette of Leah and her parents.
She certainly is very lucky.